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A word from Mustapha Adam
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

Lyon Cultural Heritage

Lyon is the 3rd biggest city in France, including 1.8 million inhabitants.

With its Renaissance district listed by UNESCO, Lyon has the largest area of its kind in Europe after Venice. It is the capital of silk weaving in France, and its’ cultural heritage also includes the Fourviere Basilic, as well as several museums as the fine art, the galo-romain and the national Science and society museum with its stunning architecture.

Lyon is also the birthplace of the Cinematography (Lumière Brothers) and a renowned location of the French Cuisine.


Lyon Convention Centre – The Cité Internationale  (

The Congress will be held in the Lyon Convention Center, which is an ultra-modern complex. It is centrally located and includes 1000 rooms at walking distance, and many facilities as restaurants and hotels.

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