Session Types


Session Types

US: Update                                               SOTA: State of the Art

SYM: Symposium                                       FP: Free Paper (Oral)

DEB: Debate                                             TP: Talking Poster
MTE: Meet the Expert                                 EP: Electronic Poster

Throughout the Programme, we have the following lecture types:

These are sessions in which speakers are expected to provide objective, exhaustive reviews in a field, either clinical or basic. Issues regarding diagnosis, management and different aspects of research will be evaluated. They are addressed to participants who wish to acquire practical knowledge on a specific subject. The presenter’s own clinical acumen will allow for clinical interpretation of the data presented. An interactive discussion with the audience at the end of the session is expected.

Symposia are significant educational sessions aimed at critically reviewing diverse aspects of a specific topic. Moderators will oversee between 3-5 focused talks which probe the depth of the topic. The target audience consists of delegates who are primarily interested in the subject or wish to update their knowledge in the area. Audience interaction will be prominent with robust “Question and Answer” opportunities. Many of the symposia will feature Multidisciplinary, Technical, or Scientific themes.

Debates allow speakers to debate controversial topics in an attractive format which provides “food for thought”. Questions for which we have no good answers yet are featured. This motif is always lively and entertaining. The faculty chosen for these sessions are highly acclaimed clinicians with passion for their positions.

Meet the Experts
Meet the Expert sessions allow delegates to meet in a small group with renowned researchers and clinicians. The format is a round table designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new perspectives. To foster a more intimate learning environment, space is limited to fewer than 25 people and a nominal fee will be charged.

State of the Arts
The State-of-the-Art sessions are of highly topical and timely subjects in HPB surgery, addressed to all Congress participants. Leading speakers, with considerable expertise in the subject at hand, have been invited to conduct these lectures.

Special Lectures
Special Lectures will include Bismuth Lecture, E-AHPBA Presidential Address, Chairman’s Summary/Wrap Up and Best of the Best Prize Paper session.

“Best of the Best” Session
The top 8 competitive abstracts of the Congress, the “Best of the Best”, will be featured in an exclusive session as a special lecture open to the full membership. These represent investigations and results that will likely make a significant impact on how HPB surgery is practiced. Presenters will have 7 minutes plus 5 minutes of questions and answers.

Free Paper Orals
The most exciting work from abstracts submitted to the Congress will be honoured with a place in these sessions. Each presenter explains their work and answers questions from the audience. Oral presentation will be 7 minutes plus 3 minutes of subsequent questions and answers.

“Talking” Posters
Select, high ranking abstract presenters will have the opportunity to give a short oral presentation on their poster and generate discussion among an audience of interested delegates. These are 2 minutes of presentation time (maximum number of slides) plus 1 minute of subsequent questions and answers.

We are offering all ePoster presenters the opportunity to submit their ePoster with or without a recorded voiceover. Delegates will also have the opportunity to contact the author via email and functions in the congress platform.

Video abstract presentations will also be included in the programme with select, high ranking video presentations being offered a podium presentation. All accepted video abstracts will be available to view alongside the ePosters and delegates will also have the opportunity to contact the author via email and functions in the congress platform.

Postgraduate Course & Education Day Course
These courses are aimed at surgeons interested in furthering their training in hepato-pancreatic-biliary disorders. The Postgraduate Course in particular is a preparatory course towards the UEMS HPB examination. Both courses will run live throughout the day on Tuesday 6th June 2023 and the course programmes will be published in due course.