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Emmanuel Boleslawski

Emmanuel Boleslawski Photo.jpeg

Professor Emmanuel Boleslawski, 53 years old, is a HPB and transplant surgeon. He received his medical degree at Pierre & Marie Curie University of Paris, where he also earned his PhD. He later joined Professor François-René Pruvot at the Lille University Hospital, in a team where more than 200 liver resections and about 100 liver transplantations are performed annually. His expertise is focused on primary liver tumours management and he is clinically recognized for complex liver surgery.

His research topics include prediction of surgical outcome after hepatectomy, especially in patients with cirrhosis, development of novel therapeutic strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma and management of cholangiocarcinoma. He has cofunded a national registry of hepatectomies. He is also involved in education and is co-head of the EFPMO, the first French teaching organization for multiorgan procurement. He is member of institutional boards, including the national organization for organ sharing.

More recently, he joined the INSERM unit, U1189, Assisted Laser Therapy and Immunotherapy for Oncology (ONCO-ThAI), as a researcher on an emerging topic, the role of photodynamic therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Emmanuel Boleslawski has co-authored more than 100 papers (H-index: 38) and has participated in several international meeting as a presenter or invited speaker.

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